Kugellager-Set Ai-70 Fiber Canyon / i-Lock

Kugellager-Set Ai-70 Fiber Canyon / i-Lock
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Kugellager-Set für ACROS Ai-70 Fiber Canyon / i-Lock   Inhalt: 2x Lager (1x... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kugellager-Set Ai-70 Fiber Canyon / i-Lock"
Kugellager-Set für ACROS Ai-70 Fiber Canyon / i-Lock
2x Lager (1x für Steuersatz-Oberteil, 1x für Steuersatz-Unterteil)
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Impossible to remove old bearings from the frame.

Not a good system, especially the lower bearing is totally stuck. No tools exist to remove the bearings.
Prepare to buy a new frame if you need to replace the bearings.

ACROS 18.09.2018

Hey Peter, thanks a lot for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you had trouble removing the bearing. The Ai-70 CANYON bearings differ from the "standard" integrated bearings. They are not rough fitted, but lightly press fitted. We recommend using a small punch pike and cautiously knocking the outer bearing all around.




alles ok

alles bestens! schnelle Lieferung! super Produkt!

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